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10 Top Fashion Trends in July 2019_


The development of social media has revolutionised the fashion industry and how we view trends. No longer do we have to rely on paparazzi photos or wait for monthly magazines to see what our favourite celebs and fashion ‘It’ girls have been wearing. We just have to visit their Instagram account, and we’ll instantly be caught up on every ‘outfit of the day’ and stylish sartorial choice. But with no page limits or printing times to slow things down, the bounty of fashion we see each month can be so vast and diverse that it makes picking up on trends almost impossible. So to save you a whole lot of likes, shares, snaps, pins, re-posts and re-grams, we’ve waded through the masses of posts to bring you the top ten fashion trends of this month according to social media.


1. Pyjama Dressing

Pyjama dressing has boomed in popularity this month, and it’s easy to understand why. Part relaxed and comfortable, and part sensual and daring, this trend is easy to love. Whether you like a little more coverage, such as Olivia Palermo and her robe-style PJs, or lean more towards the sexy satin styles like Leandra Medine and Chiara Ferragni, there’s something in this trend for everyone. So go on and bring a piece of your night-time style into your daytime wardrobe. Just remember to do your hair and makeup, though. Bed clothes plus bed hair can take your look from stylish to sloppy in an instant.


Pyjama Dressing Trend


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2. Sheer Black Lace

While white lace has its moment nearly every summer, this month has seen its darker counterpart take the fashion spotlight. If white lace represents a sort of purity (we’re looking at you wedding gowns), then sheer black lace must convey a kind of vampish decadence. Its darkness combined with the flashes of bare skin underneath creates a striking look that is hard to ignore. To tame the wild side of this trend follow the leads of Anna Dello Russo and Olivia Palermo. A low hem, high neck and long sleeves, are all you need to balance this look with a little bit of lady-like glamour.


Sheer Black Lace


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3. Band Tees

If Gigi and Kendall are wearing it, you know it’s bound to be a significant trend. This month, the two social media supermodels hit the streets in some old school, rock, band tees, and the look is already catching on. We’re not talking about busting out your 1D concert t-shirt here, but something with a little more edge. Think of bands like Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden while you’re shopping for this trend. Then simply add some distressed denim and black boots to the cart and you’ve got yourself the perfect weekend outfit.


Band Tees Trend


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4. White Sneakers

Fresh, comfortable, and downright cool, white sneakers are the casual shoes of the month. Scroll through the Instagram account of any model, blogger or fashion-lover and you’re bound to see them pop up. The versatile style can be (and has been) worn with any outfit. Whether you’re rocking jeans and a tank top, cropped pants and a coat, or just a super-stylish maxi dress, white sneakers go with it all.


White Sneakers Trend


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5. Fruit Salad

Fashion can sometimes get overly serious, with dramatic runway presentations and competitive designs that are too extreme to ever be worn. So it’s nice to have a little fun now and then and embrace the lighter side of fashion. This month it was fruit that brought a smile to our faces. Found not only in prints but also in accessories, lemons, pineapples and watermelons all took centre stage in one outfit or another. They even had’s Yasmin Sewell jumping for joy.


Fruit Salad Trend


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6. Denim Jackets

Just when you thought the bomber jacket was all you would ever need, the denim jacket swoops in and takes its place. All our favourite fashion girls were showing off their denim jackets this month, from Bella Hadid and Shanina Shaik to Chiara Ferragni and Veronika Heilbrunner. Whether you need to dig yours out from the back of your closet or purchase a new one, get your hands on this trend fast. Wear it a little baggy and personalised with rips, frayed edges and badges.


Denim Jackets Trend


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7. Velvet Heels

While white sneakers take out the title of the casual shoes of the month, the prize for the best high heels has to go to these velvet-covered dreams. Whether we were hitting like on a pair in midnight blue, ruby red or amber, we were loving them all. Spotted in both boot and open-toe varieties, these heels became the focus point of whatever outfit they accompanied. Add them to your Saturday night outfit immediately for a killer style boost.


Velvet Heels Trend


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8. Off-the-Shoulder Tops

If up until now you still weren’t convinced of just how big the off-the-shoulder tops trend is about to become, let this be your turning point. After all, it’s no longer just a few street style blogs claiming that you need to be wearing this style, it’s the whole of social media. So don’t be afraid to invest in this trend, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Simply choose the type of off-the-shoulder top that best suits your style, be it cropped, statement-making, a bodysuit, or something else.


Off-the-Shoulder Tops Trend


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9. Denim Mini Skirts

The ‘90s resurgence just wouldn’t be complete without the revival of this fashion item. Yes, the denim mini skirt is back. Don’t believe me? Just check the Instagrams of your favourite fashionistas. If you’ve had a look and are now thinking that they look a whole lot better than you remember, you’d be right. The denim mini skirt has had an update to make it the perfect addition to you 2019 wardrobe. With not an A-line, pleated style in sight, the new denim mini is understated and chic with a high-waisted, slim-fit, and straightforward design. Just add a frayed hem and band tee if you’re looking to take this trend from girly to grunge.


Denim Mini Skirts


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10. Red, White & Black

While everyone was wearing red, white and blue on the 4th of July, the rest of the month they were wearing red, white and black. The jarring colour combination appeared not only in its usual stripes but also in abstract patterns and garment combinations. The statement-making and aggressively contrasting colours were toned down by feminine styles, understated beauty looks and neutral accessories.

Video: Les Miserables 2012 "Red and Black Song"

10. Red, White Black
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2019 year - 10. Red, White Black pictures

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10. Red, White Black photo
10. Red, White Black pictures

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pictures 10. Red, White Black

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Watch 10. Red, White Black video

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