Creacion de videos con fotos

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"Animoto is the perfect product for creating videos that will perform well on Facebook and other social platforms."

– Mari Smith, Facebook marketing expert

"Simple tools like Animoto and other platforms make anyone a video creator — if they want to be."

– Ann Handley, Content Marketer

"Animoto empowers me to create marketing and slideshow videos that evoke emotion. This powerful tool unleashes the power of video for photographers."

– Sue Bryce, Portrait Photographer

"Animoto elevates my images into something so much more professional and amazing. When I finished my first video, my mind was completely blown."

– Tiffany Dahl, Peanut Blossom

"Animoto is a fantastic tool and has enabled me to explore creativity I didn't know I had! It's my new favorite hobby!"

– David B., Animoto user


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