Genes versus Fast Foods: Eat, Drink and Be Wary

Eat, Drink and…!

Sep 28, 2007

There's no official designation for this and Hallmark hasn't picked up on it yet, but we've just entered food-is-everywhere season. School and church bake sales are starting, pillow-sized bags of Halloween treats are on the shelves, and parties are on the horizon.

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get nervous. Most of us over 40 can't scarf candy corn or eggnog the way we used to without feeling a little snugness in the waistband, and it's not easy to say no.

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So we make excuses. "I'll buy a few of these to help out." (Whatever you do, don't ever work a bake sale. Write them a check, offer to count the money afterward, do anything—just don't get near that stuff for any length of time.) "It's a party!" (One of many. If you start this way in October, you're bound to feel lousy in May.) "It's cold out—I'm craving carbs." (I've drunk more cups of tea than I count, trying to fight this one, but tea without cookies always feels a little naked.)

It's hard to be at work too, where there are office parties and food gifts set out for everyone to share. And atWoman's Day, we have the test kitchen, a real occupational hazard. In the kitchen, Christmas came and went in mid-July—which, thank you,extendsfood season by a few months—and I can tell you, the stuff from the cookie cookbook in our November 13 issue is really, really good.

Video: Opening cooking scene - "Eat Drink Man Woman" (1994)

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