DIY Spa Party on a Budget!

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How to Have a Spa Sleepover

Three Parts:

The only thing better than going to a spa is having the spa come to you. Hosting an at-home spa sleepover will give you and your friends the chance to indulge in mani/pedis, refreshing facials and maybe even a relaxing massage — all at very little cost. So, choose a date, stock up on spa supplies, invite your friends, and get ready to enjoy one of the best sleepovers ever.


Planning the Party

  1. Make a guest list.Spa parties typically involve just a few close friends because of space limitations. You want to make sure everyone can fit in the “spa room” without feeling crowded. If you have several rooms to devote to the spa — maybe one for mani/pedis, one for massages and one for facials — you can increase your guest list.
  2. Choose a convenient date.Once you know who you want to invite, check with them to find a date when everyone is available. You will also want to confirm with parents or roommates, as well as siblings, that it is okay to have a sleepover on the chosen date. You don’t want the soothing ambience of the party interrupted by their plans.
    • If you don’t want to have your siblings or roommates involved, ask them politely to stay in their rooms or go out for the night. However, it is often more fun to include everyone. Then you don’t have to worry about them disrupting the party.
  3. Plan the evening.The best parties not only have a theme, but they have a plan. Know when you want your guests to arrive. Make a schedule of what you will do, what time you will do it, and where the activity will take place. By planning the evening, you can make sure everyone has a chance to do everything.
    • When planning activities, be creative. You can have as many or as few activities as you like. For example, you might just want to do manicures and provide lots of polishes, nail decals, hand creams and hand massages. Or you might want a full-service spa with manicures, facials, massages, meditation rooms and a heathy-food café.
  4. Make a list of needed supplies.Once you have planned the activities, you can make a list of everything you will need for each activity. Some things you will supply, but your guests can also be asked to bring some of their own items. For example, you might ask them to bring their own robe, towels and brushes, as well as their favorite lip gloss, lotions, candles and music.
  5. Send out invitations.Invitations can be sent via regular mail or email. Either way, choose spa-themed invites featuring a picture of a slipper, an eye mask, nail polish bottle or other spa-related graphic. Include the theme, date, time, location and what your guests should wear. Include the list of items you want them to bring. Let them know how to RSVP.
    • Evites and digital invites are an easy way to quickly reach all of your friends. Several free online services allow you to design an invitation, send it to friends and tally responses all in one place. You can also easily create private events and send invitations via online communities, such as Facebook.
  6. Make a store-run.You know what your guests are bringing, now it is time for you to get your own supplies. Large discount or warehouse stores, as well as beauty supply stores, will give you the best prices. Pick out some bright nail polishes, fun face masks, soothing tea bags, scented massage oils and other supplies for your planned activities. Imagine the perfect spa and try to replicate it. Remember that you must have enough supplies for all the guests.
  7. Create the spa.Small changes can turn your home into a relaxing spa. The key is to create a calm, quiet environment. Dim the lights. Place scented candles around the rooms you will be using — lavender and sandalwood are particularly relaxing scents. Play quiet music or sounds of nature, such as the sounds of the sea or rain forest. Serve pitchers of ice water flavored with lemon or cucumber slices.
    • A big part in creating a calm environment is getting rid of clutter. Make sure your home is tidy and clutter-free so your guests don’t feel overwhelmed by “stuff.”
    • Make a poster of the services offered and post it outside the spa room. If you are using several rooms, make a poster for each room explaining what is offered inside.
    • Neck and shoulder massages can be done almost anywhere. Simply have a couple of straight-backed chairs available.

Relaxing in the Spa

  1. Give each other mani/pedis.Set out all the manicure supplies. You will want to include bowls of warm water for soaking hands and feet, polish remover, cuticle cream, clippers and nail files. Provide a variety of nail colors so your guests can choose their favorites. Providing clear top coat, as well as quick-drying spray, will make the area feel more like a salon.
  2. Give yourself and your friends a facial.Use a gentle exfoliant cream to remove make up and prepare your skin. Then soak a wash cloth or towel in hot water, wring it out and drape it on your face to steam your pores. Follow with a soothing face mask. Remove the mask using the same cloth you used to steam your face. Finish by applying moisturizer using upward strokes and soft circular massaging motions.
    • A clay mask is good for lifting impurities from your pores. Citrus masks are used for closing pores. Honey masks are great for moisturizing. Use all three types, one after another, to completely cleanse and moisturize your face.
    • Face masks can be homemade or store bought. Having recipes available for your friends to make their own masks will provide an additional activity for the night.
  3. Fight puffy eyes with cucumbers.After a long week of school or work, your friends will love a chance to lie down with cool cucumber slices on their eyelids. Beds, couches and air mattresses will all work as a “relaxation table.” Have soft music playing in the background. Set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Relax with a neck and shoulder massage.Neck and shoulder massages are often part of a spa experience, and you can offer them, as well. Check out YouTube videos for some quick pointers. Remember that you want to massage soft tissue, so focus on muscles, not bone. You will want to put pressure on the muscles, but it should never be painful. Take turns acting as the masseuse so everyone gets a chance to both receive and give a relaxing massage.

Adding to the Fun

  1. Serve healthy snacks.As part of the spa experience, you will want to provide your guests with light, healthy snacks. Sliced vegetables and hummus are always a good combination. Fruit, nuts, cheese and whole-grain crackers are also a good choice. Be sure to check with your guests to make sure no one is allergic to the foods you are serving.
  2. Provide relaxing entertainment.After you have finished your spa activities, you will want to do something that keeps you all in relaxation mode. Light, romantic-comedy movies are always good. You might also look into what TV shows are available on Netflix. Charades, board games and trivia contests will also provide a lot of fun without breaking the easy-going spell you have created.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    How can I arrange this without a parent?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Look around your house for beauty items you could use at your spa party, and use household ingredients to create spa products like face masks and scrubs. You can even make your own invitations! Just make sure your parents know that you're having the party.
  • Question
    What if someone doesn't like facials or nail painting, but they've already shown up?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    You could ask them if they have any suggestions for a spa sleepover activity that they would enjoy. For example, maybe they want to do someone's makeup.
  • Question
    What if someone starts to get an allergic reaction?
    Community Answer
    Make sure that whatever you're doing is stopped immediately, and that whoever is having the allergic reaction gets appropriate medical help if needed.
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  • Don't do something your other friends aren't allowed to do, e.g., watching a movie that you know their parents wouldn't allow them to see or drinking alcohol if you are underage.
  • Make sure you know how to properly do a back massage.

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