How to Look Great for School (for Girls)


  1. Prepare what you can the night before.Choosing an outfit beforehand is always useful because it avoids getting late and having a fashion crisis which can lead to grumpiness the next day. If you have to wear a school uniform, have it washed, ironed and ready. If youdon'thave a school uniform, take some time to choose an outfit. Try to wear comfortable, clean and appealing clothes, rather than dragging anything out of your closet.
    • Make sure you pack all your books and school stuff into your bag the night before to avoid forgetting important things. Try to make your lunch earlier as well.
    • Be sure to brush your hair before you head off to bed. This will make it easier to brush in the morning. Also, try straightening/curling your hair the nightbeforeschool, to avoid dramas in the morning.
  2. Go to bed early.If you stay up late, not only will you be tired, but you'll be stuck with dark circles and bags under your eyes, and endless yawning fits and unrefreshed skin. Fix a regular time or period in which you go to bed, that will ensure you get enough sleep.
    • For example, if you have to get up at seven in the morning for school, you can go to bed anywhere from nine to ten, or if you're older, eleven. These times all make sure you have a good chance of getting at least 6-7 hours of sleep. However, if you're a light sleeper or take some time to settle down, make your bedtime earlier to give yourself some extra snooze time.
  3. Turn on your hair irons when you wake up.If you straighten or curl your hair, set the straightener/curler to heat up while you're getting ready. Next, double check that you have all of your books and school supplies to avoid any disasters.
  4. Have a shower.Having a shower after you wake up ensures that you feel awakened, refreshed, and ready to take on the day. Try to avoid a bath, since this may instead relax you and put you back to sleep. Use a fresh shower gel or soap to help you wake up and smell great throughout the day.
    • If you're washing your hair, use quality products and take time to massage them properly into your scalp.
  5. Moisturize.When you get out of the shower, wash your face thoroughly. If you use a cleanser, make sure to rub it in with gentle, circular motions. You can also use a skin soap, or even plain water, as both are healthy and good for your skin. Rinse your face thoroughly, thenpatit dry, don't rub it. Afterwards, take a quality moisturizer suited for your skin type and apply the right amount to your face. Use a body moisturizer or cream to moisturize your whole body. After showering, your pores will be open, and moisturizing is more effective.
  6. Get dressed.Get dressed in the clothes you put out the night before. Make sure that everything's clean and in good quality-no stains or tears. Try to be quick while you're dressing, as this gives you more time.
  7. Accessorize.If you have to wear a school uniform and it's strict, bend the rules. Wear a necklace, bracelets, rings, etc. Try wearing a long sleeved shirt of a different colour underneath your uniform shirt, or leggings underneath your school skirt.
    • If you can wear anything you want, simply add in jewelry to complete your look.
  8. Do your hair.Dry your hair if you've washed it, using an ordinary hair dryer or a blow dryer; your choice. When your hair is dry, style it. Try to choose a style that will stay in during the day, and that looks good but is still relatively simple. Some good styles include:
    • The regular ponytail-a simple ponytail at the back of your head. You can blow dry or straighten your hair, use ribbons and bands, or leave outside bangs to customize this look.
    • A side pony-this works well for all types of hair. If your hair is wavy, leave it in a loose, flowing side pony underneath or next to your ear. If you have curly hair, a side pony resting next to your neck looks good. If you have straight hair, you can either pull the side pony high, to the middle of your head or low.
    • A messy bun-simply twist your hair up and leave the ends out to fall messily over the bun. This look, when done correctly, stays in all day, is simple but still looks very attractive.
    • Half up, half down. Pull a small section of hair at the top of your head into a ponytail. You can leave it in a ponytail or turn it into a mini messy bun. Then leave the rest of your hair loose. This works perfectly on straight hair.
  9. Choose shoes.If you're stuck with uniform shoes, try customizing them with subtle but cool shoelaces. You can also try wearing black ballet flats or mary janes-a lot of girls at private schools get away with this easily.
    • If you're free to wear whatever you want, pick shoes that are comfortable and sensible, but also match or add flair to your outfit. Converse or ballet flats go with almost anything.

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    How can I look great for school if I wear glasses?
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    That doesn't define your beauty. Beauty radiates from the inside and out. All you have to do is be confident in yourself.
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  • Drink water. All the time. Water will help clear up your skin, keep your body healthy and make you feel great.
  • Don't be shallow. Don't judge people simply on the way they look, and don't become obsessed with your own appearance either.
  • Be confident. Confidence is what completes any look; people won't notice you without it. You don't have to be loud or outgoing to be confident-simply believe in yourself.
  • on your studies, be a good student and school may become less stressful.
  • *Eat well. Many fruits and vegetables in all your school lunches, and a balanced diet, is the key to helping your body look its best.
  • Keep some essentials in a small bag or purse with you at school; lip gloss, makeup removing wipes (if you're wearing makeup), a small comb, compact mirror, and maybe eyeliner.
  • If you aren't allowed to shower in the morning, wash your face, brush your teeth and use a good quality antiperspirant (a proper brand like Rexona), and a body spray of your choice.


  • Too much makeup never looks good. Don't stress about covering up acne or spots; get proper treatment for it, like a healthy cleanser or medication. Caking on makeup only makes you look cheap.
  • Bending the rules with a school uniform can always be risky. Make sure you don't push it too hard; observe the punishments for breaches of the uniform code, and skirt them.
  • Homework is more important than your looks, no matter how unfair that is. If you're having a bad hair day or your makeup simply won't go on right, forget about it and lose yourself in your studies; after all, that's what school's for.

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