Legacy of the Mustache

Mexican Mustache

The Mexican mustache is a cool hipster style nowadays. Also known as a curled or handlebar mustache, Mexican facial hair gives off a fantasticallymacholook and can be groomed to create a finish as sophisticated as you need. Best of all, Mexican mustache styles still have a Wild West flare however you choose to style them. Ultimately, these mustaches are fierce, but not daunting, and worth growing in 2019!


Mexican Beard Styles

Because the Mexican mustache is a versatile look, there are tons of beard designs and ideas when it comes to how you can wear it. To start, think about how long you want your mustache to grow since the length of your facial hair will determine what styles you can get.

Mexican Mustache

For example, men can combine it with a clean-shaven face for a modern style with Latin American roots. Another option would be to trim a Mexican style mustache with a thick beard and/or sideburns for a truly manly, almost outback look.

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Mexican Mustache
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Watch Mexican Mustache video

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