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Big Box Braids Styles We Love Standard box braids tend to be on the skinnier side, but thicker versions of this protective hairstyle offer up a slightly different way to wear the look. Big box braids can be up to a couple of inches wide, giving you a more bold...
African Fishbone Braids Styles Do you love protective hairstyles that are gorgeous, intricate, and make everyone ask who does your hair? Fishbone braids check off all these boxes, keeping your natural hair safe and secure while giving you the ease of waking up with a ready-to-go hairstyle for weeks afterwards....
Short Box Braids Hairstyles
Short Box Braids Hairstyles Ideas Because box braids often use hair extensions, there are tons of ultra long versions of the style floating around. But this protective style can also be worn in a bunch of shorter styles that are bouncy, fun, and face flattering. Some of the advantages to...
box braids hairstyles
Box Braid Hairstyles We Adore! Box braids have been in every magazine, every blog, and on every runway. While they're far from new, this braided style has recently resurfaced and is soaring in popularity.


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