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Winter Skin SOS

Elemis winter skin campaign Elemis winter skin campaign

Here's how to step up your winter skincare with a little help from Elemis

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Harsh weather and central heating can play havoc with skin during winter. That’s why it’s essential to step up your skincare regime and get your skin looking and feeling its best, so you’re ready when the party season kicks off. But where do you start? Turn to Elemis skincare experts who will help you find everything you need to restore and revive your skin.

Start by applying on freshly cleansed and toned skin to really amp up your skin’s luminosity. It contains sophora extract, a skin brightening active that helps to nourish, condition and even out your complexion.

Next up, reclaim your radiance with , an intensive daily moisturiser that helps to protect against the elements, banish dryness and restore the skin’s natural balance using active ingredients like willow, myrrh and lavender absolute. It’s a saviour for stressed-out and sensitive skin. For ultra-glowing results, why not head to your nearest Elemis spa for an , too?

Another treat is the . It’s the perfect remedy for tired eyes and can help reduce dark circles and puffiness, plus it softens the appearance of fine lines. The skin around your eyes is very delicate, so use gentle strokes along the contour of the eye when applying to help eliminate any fluid that’s built up.

Video: Winter Skin SOS: Top Expert Tips To Help Tackle Dry Skin

Winter Skin SOS
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Watch Winter Skin SOS video

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